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Important Points

Important points to know:

• The parents and students are advised to clarify about the recognition of degrees awarded by different boards/ professional societies as well as our facilities of training, lodging and boarding before taking admission. After taking admission management will assume that you have taken all necessary information about above facts and after being satisfied, you have finally taken admission in our training institute.

• 6 YTD, 4 YTD, or 3 YTD are training duration of degree courses after the successful registration & theory papers are designed tentatively according to the training facilities available at our training institute. As the results of the examinations conducted by different professional societies of some program running under us are quite tough and low, as less than 50%, you need to notice the fact that to complete the course in stipulated time candidate needs to work hard otherwise this duration may get increased. In such case institute will provide the training only for two extra years after that the name of candidate will be automatically struck off.

• In case if any candidate leaves the institute due to any reason, it is necessary for student to submit the consent letter of his/ her parents within the next 15 days. In any case if student leaves the institutes, he/ she will have to clear all his/ her fees up till the date regardless of time he/ she spent in institute.

• The fee structure & mode of payment is designed in instalments by keeping in view that if the candidate leaves the institute due to any reason, his/ her parents bears least monitory loss.

• As per management's previous experience it has been found that nearly 10% students leave institute in every semester because of change of climate, medium, homesickness, toughness of the course etc. Thus, it is very sincere advice from the management to every applicant and parent that they must admit their ward only when they can overcome above mentioned difficulties as well as they must be satisfied with facilities provided by the management because there is no provision for any refund under these conditions.

• The lump sum fee is designed keeping in mind with the view of student's convenience by giving reasonable reduction in tuition fee. No other reduction is allowable in lump sum fee. If any student, after depositing lump sum fee leaves the institute the fee is not refundable in any case.

• Looking at our infrastructure don't create an impression that it is an college but in better words we are India's best training institute for Govt. recognized degree/ diploma course of IME, ICE,KSOU,BAOU & IETE(India).

• SPIMST is a training institute to prepare students for exams conducted by IME, ICE, IETE, BAOU, KSOU & IGNOU(India). We do not need to take any affiliation or permission from any board, Universities, AICTE or from State Central Govt. However these degrees are recognized by the ministry of education (Govt. of India), at par with Diploma BE/ B.TECH form any Govt. recognized university.

• Note that: All disputes are subjected to Vadodara Jurisdiction. If a student studies hard then only he/ she will be able to complete the course within specific duration otherwise he/ she will require more time to complete it.

• No admission will be given out of the rules of the Management. Nos of seats are based on available infrastructure facilities.

• Decision of management about the course and discipline will be final and applicable to each student.

• Result is declared by the universities & board and we are nothing to interfere in it, so we are not answerable for result.

• Management Rights: For any matter not Governed by the rules and regulations given in this prospectus, new rules will be laid down as and when necessary and the same will be intimated to the students who are liable to abide by them. The management reserves the right to revise the coaching subjects, timing of a course or its duration if found necessary.

• IMPORTANT TO KNOW: (for parents/ students) the duration of the courses taken into account is tentative & varies with capability, efficiency, hard work and devotion of the student towards the course. From management’s previous experience it is our sincere advice to the students and parents that they must take admission only after ensuring the willingness of the student to work hard and sincerely towards the course otherwise student may take more time to complete the course, which ultimately results in total wastage of both time and money for the students & parents as well. Parents or guardians must frequently stay in contact with management about the progress and attendance of the students because sometimes students are found irregular in attendance.

Being Chairman & founder of Sun-Mars, I welcome all of you to the family of professionals & learners. Since Education is a primary ingredient and also a key to success in any profession. With increasing youth population there is a remarkable need for quality education to endow this population with proficiency & talent to handle assignments that leap from such a growing economy like ours.

In SPImsT we understand these and try to develop such professionals & Manager who can handle up growing & vibrant challenges. We display our proficiency in IT, Management & Engineering with finest infrastructure, large campus, fine stashed Library, hi-fi computer labs & Modern amenities that go well with students need.

Our team member encompass of faculties & professionals expertise in their respective field. And off course we are highly thankful to our advisory committee for their support & contribution for helping SPImst to stand at Pinnacle today. The Methodology of teaching would be more learners oriented & more emphases will be given on industrial demand training & make student's personality that really industry wants. SPImsT is committed to provide a teaching in excellence & professional way.

Last but not least I personally believe…

"Knowledge is an ultimate power of human being"

Bhavdip Tailor