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Head Desk

Being Head of Institution of Sun-Mars, I welcome all of you to the family of professionals & learners. Since Education is a primary ingredient and also a key to success in any profession. With increasing youth population there is a remarkable need for quality education to endow this population with proficiency & talent to handle assignments that leap from such a growing economy like ours.

In Sun-Mars we understand these and try to develop such professionals & Manager who can handle up growing & vibrant challenges. We display our proficiency in IT, Management & Engineering with finest infrastructure, large campus, fine stashed Library, computer labs with internet connectivity & Modern amenities that go well with students need.


Our team member encompass of faculties & professionals expertise in their respective field. And off course we are highly thankful to our advisory committee for their support & contribution for helping Sun-Mars to stand at Pinnacle today. The Methodology of teaching would be more learners oriented & more emphases will be given on industrial demand training & make student’s personality that really industry wants. Sun-Mars is committed to provide a teaching in excellence & professional way.

To nurture powerful ethical professionals who can create an inspiring leadership climate to community and business world, who can direct the change process by ownership approach and generate innovative and value based riches to benefit the world at large.

Anagha Nayal