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Computer Hardware and Network Administrative



      Eligibility:10 pass 
      Duration:1 Year


Ø  Basic Electricity
·        Conductivity Voltage
·        Current
·        Series & Parallel circuits
Ø  Analog Electronics
·        Soldering Ohm's Law
·        Power Using Multimeter
·        Diode Transformer Using ofOscilloscope Transistor
Ø  Digital  Electronics
·        Binary number System
·        Hexa Number System
·        Octal Number system
·        Basic Logic Gates
·        NANO, NOR, EX-OR
·        D Flip Flop
·        RS Flip Flop
·        Shift Register
·        Counters
·         IC 555
Ø  Microprocessors
·        Introduction to Microprocessor
·        8085 Pin Configuration
·         Interrupts
·        Logic and branching operations
·         Arithmetic operations
·        IC 8155, IC 8255,IC 8259

Computer Application

Ø DOS       
·        Installation
·        Internal Commands, Externalcommands
·        Making Bootable floppy Formatting
Ø Windows 7/8/10 
·        Desk Top Management Windows explorer Control Panel
·        Task/Menu bar
·        Add/remove programs
·        Wall Papers and Screen Saver settings add new hardware
·        System configuration
Ø MS Word              
·        Type text, Insert Menu, Edit menu,Format menu
·        Tools, Tables
·        Mail merge Creating Hyper link
Ø MS  Excel             
·        Creating work sheet Insert Menu
·        Edit menu
·        Format menu Tools
·        Tables
·        Creating the Graphs
Ø MS Power Point  
·        Creating Presentation
·        Edit menu, Format menu, Slide Show
·        Inserting Photo, Audio, and Movie
Ø Installation, Configuration of Internet           
·        installation and connecting of Computer with Modem and Tel. lines
·        Internet browsing
·        E-Mail sending and Receiving
Ø Installation, Configuration of Multimedia    
·        Installation and Configuration of Sound card
·        Configuring the computer for Audio and Video CDs
·        Installation of various Audio and Video Utilities
Ø  Installation of Operating System
·        Installation of Windows 7
·        Installation of Win 8
·        Installation of Win 10
Ø  Installation of Application Software
·        Installation of office-2010
·        Installation of office-2013



                       Ø   Study & Identification & testing  of Parts & cards           

       ·     Processors

       ·     Mother Board

       ·     Display Cards MDA

      ·      I/0 Cards

                      Ø Study & Identification & testing of RAM

       ·      Different types of RAM

       ·      EDO , FAST-PAGE, SDRAM, RDRAM

Ø Study & Identification of different slots of RAM

       ·      Different types of RAM

       ·      EDO , FAST-PAGE, SDRAM, RDRAM

       ·      Study & Identification of different slots of RAM

Ø Assembling of a PC               

       ·      Mounting of the Motherboard

       ·      Connecting the different Ports & Connectors of FDD & IDE

       ·      Inserting the different I/0 cards on the Motherboard

       ·      Connecting the SMPS to the Motherboard

Ø  CMOS Setup

         ·        Study of Different types of BIOSFlash BIOS
·        Study of Functioning of BIOS
·        Configuring of different devices through CMOS

·        Study of Working of FDD
·        Configuring of the FDD as A& B Drive
·        Identification of different parts of FDD
·        Identification of the different parts of CD ROM
·        CDROM Installation

Ø  Installation & Configuration of HDD
·        Logical Section of HDD
·        Physical Sections of HDD
·        Parts Identification of HOD
·        Master-Slave Configuration of HDD
·        Partioning of HDD
·        Data Recover Utility of HOD

Ø  Key Board and Mouse

       ·        Study and Identification of Different types of Key Board
·        Mechanical,Membrane,Opto-Electronicetc
·        Study of Different types of Mouse
·        Mechanical, Optical, Opto-Mechanical

Ø  Printer-OM, Inkjet
·        Types of Printers
·        Impact & Non-impact Printers
·        Working of Dot-Matrix Printer
·        Installation of Dot-Matrix Printer in Windows-9X
·        Identification of Different parts of Dot-Matrix Printer
·        Working of Ink-jet printer
·        Identification of Different of Ink-jet Printer

Ø  Monitors  
·        Mono &  Color    
·        Study of Monochrome Monitor
·        Tracing of Monochrome Monitor Voltage Measurement of Monochrome
·        Monitor Troubleshooting of Monochrome Monitor Study of Color Monitor
·        Tracing of Color Monitor
·        Voltage Measurement of ColorMonitor Troubleshooting of Color Monitor

·        Study of Linear Power Supply
·        Study of Switch Mode Power Supply Parts
·        Identification of SMPS
·        Tracing of SMPS
·        Voltage Measurements of SMPS
·        Troubleshooting of SMPS

Ø  PC Trouble Shooting
·        Different Error signals generated by BIOS
·        Problems in PC due to the Display Cards
·        Problems in PC due to the cables& connectors 


Ø Networking Fundamentals                 
·        Terminologies Client, Server,Topology, Technology etc
·        Types of Network
·        Hierarchical Central Computer, Peerto Peer Network, Client Server Network
·        Types of Network Topologies
·        Types of Network Technologies
·        Types of Data passing Schemes

Ø  Network Components
·        Types of Cablings
·        Coaxial, UTP, STP, FOC
·        Types of Connectors
·        RJ-45, Terminator,  T-Connector, BNC
·        Define HUB, Switch, Router

Ø  NOVELL Netware 5
·        Installation of Novell Netware server
·        Installation of ZEN Client
·        Connectivity between Server& Client
·        User Creation &Administration Directory  Rights
·        NOS Rights
·        Login Script
·        Drive Mapping & Search Drive
·        Mapping Network  Printing
·        ZEN Works
·        DHCP Server
·        DNS Server

Ø MICROSOFT Windows 2000          
·        Installation of Windows 2000 Professional
·        Installation of Windows Advanced
·        Server User Creation & Administration
·        Advanced Directory Services
·        Local Profile & Roaming Profile
·        Installation & ConfigurationOf DHCP Server Installation & Configuration of WINS
·        Server Installation & Configurationof llS
·        Installation & Configurationof RAS

Ø  Linux
·        Installation of Red Hat Linux7.0
·        Installation of Linux withwindows 9X
·        Installation of Linux with windows9X & windows NT
·        User Creation & Administrationin Linux
·        Accessing FDD & CDROM & HDDin
·        Linux Configuration of TCP/IP inLinux
·        Connectivity of Linux with Windows9X & Windows
·        NT Installation & Configurationof NFS Server
·        Installation of software packagesin Linux
·        Installation & Configurationof DHCP
·        Server Connecting to the Internetin Linux
·        Linux Security
·        Installation of DOS Emulator &Windows Emulator in Linux


Degree Awarded by :- Gujarat Council of Vocational Training (GCVT)