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C, C Plus Plus

Certificate Course in C, C++


Duration : 3 Months
Eligibility : 10th Pass / Fail


Program Structure



Course Detail





1 Introduction Of C, C++ 7 Inheritance
2 C++ Programming basics 8 Pointer
3 Functions 9 Virtual Function
4 Object and Classes 10 Streams and Files
5 Arrays and string arrays fundamentals.  Arrays as class Member Data 11 Templates and Exceptions
6 Operator overloading 12 The Standard Template Library


Practical for C++


Programming exercises and project using C++ programming languages, to study various features of the languages. Stress to be laid on writing well structured modular and readable programs accompanied by good documentation.

The topic wise assignments are as follows:

1. Function Blocks

a. Handling default reference arguments
b. Handling inline and overloaded function

2. Objects and Classes
a. Creating UDT using classes and object

3. Arrays and String as objects
a. Insertion, Deletion, reversal sorting of elements into a single

Degree Awarded by :- SUN-MARS ITI